Sinking into Memories

I am currently working on a manuscript that deals with issues surrounding the life of a well-respected physician who, after losing both of his parents and retiring, began to succumb to the hideous disease we call Alzheimer’s.

This is a story of Jack.  This is the story of his wife, the primary caregiver.  This is the story of his daughter that lives nearby, serving when she can as a secondary caregiver to her parents (and moral support to her mom).

This heartfelt work, based upon the daughter’s experiences, chronicles the stages of her father’s disease, and her mother’s adaptability and survival through these devastating stages.  The manuscript also chronicles the daughter’s attempt to understand the shifting reality that was her strong, intelligent, and caring father as he sinks into the world of Alzheimer’s.  But instead of highlighting only the negatives and sadness that the disease presents, she examines coping mechanisms and finds some happiness and in the end, laughter.

[There is a sample chapter under the drop down menu for Sinking into Memories, go check it out!]

4 thoughts on “Sinking into Memories

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  2. Loved this. It hooked me. I’ve nominated you for the sunshine award. You may not have time to respond. But I love your work so far, and am glad to have found you. I look forward to future posts! Cheers!

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