Sandia Pueblo

Susan Berthier-Fogler, “Sandia’s New Buffalo Ideology: a casino, an old land grant, compromises and conservationism.” BerthierarticleonSandia

Elizabeth A. Brandt, Ph.D., “Executive Report: Anthropological Report on Land Use: Pueblo of Sandia.”  From Ward Allan Minge’s collection, CSWR, UNM.  Anthro Report on Land Use

John D. Leshy, Solicitor.  “Eastern Boundary of Sandia Pueblo Grant,” January 2001.  Available online.  Leshy

Sandia v. Bruce Babbitt [231 F.3d 878 (D.C. Cir. 2000)] as found on  SandiavBruceBabbitt

Sandia v. Bruce Babbitt [], Cross-Motion for Summary Judgement (June 1996): SandiavBruceBabbitt_crossmotion.docx

Ralph W. Tarr, Solicitor. “Pueblo of Sandia Boundary,” December 1988.  Available online.  Tarr

Tim Vollman, Associate Solicitor, Indian Affairs, letter to Solicitor, “Memorandum: Pueblo of Sandia Boundary,” USBIA 0719.  Vollmann

Federal Register Documents:
Consideration of the Accuracy of the Eastern Boundary of the Sandia Pueblo Grant and Request for Additional Information

Copies at NMSRCA and USBLM, Santa Fe

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