History of Pueblo Indians

Bandelier, Adolph F.  “Documentary History of the Rio Grande Pueblos of New Mexico.”  Papers of the School of American Archaeology, Number 13.  1910. Archaeological Institute of America

Bandelier, Adolph F.  “Part 1:  Historical Introduction to the Studies Among Sedentary Indians of New Mexico”; and, “Part 2:  A Visit to the Aboriginal Ruins in the Valley of Rio Pecos.”  Papers of the Archaeological Institute of America.  American Series.  Volume I.  AMERICAN SERIES

Mathews, Sandra K. “The ‘Nineteenth-Century’ Cruzate Grants: Pueblos, Peddlers, and the Great Confidence Scam?” (Ph.D. Dissertation, 1998).  [see abstract and TOC]
Abstract [original for dissertation]
TOC [original for dissertation]

Minge, Ward Alan.  “A History of the Pueblo Indians” (prepared for the BIA, US Department of the Interior, n.d.).  This is a four-part document:

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