Sabbatical Has Begun!

Fifteen months to research, read, write, and recover.   First up?  Gary Kasparov's Winter is Coming and revise/prepare my lecture for the SMU-in-Taos Summer Lecture Series.   Next?  Finish the New Mexico college textbook!


Hello- My name is Hunter Reeves and I am the current Multicultural Affairs and Minority Viewpoints (MAMV) chairman for Student Affairs Senate. MAMV, as well as Pre-Law Club, will be hosting Amy Miller in Callen Conference Center on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 4:30pm. Amy, who is the Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties … Continue reading Speakers

John L. Kessell

John L. Kessell is my role model, friend, and colleague. He encouraged me throughout every project I have ever done with his expert advise, his sage and sound suggestions, and his kindness and patience.  I doubt any one has as ardent supporter as I have with John L. Kessell!  Happy birthday, my friend!

Awards for 2016

I am honored to report that I have received two prestigious awards from my university during this academic year: 2016 NWU Faculty Advisor of the Year: students may nominate a faculty member who has provided exemplary guidance, assistance, and encouragement in students' academic (and otherwise) careers. 2015-2016 NWU Faculty Scholar Award: for a faculty member … Continue reading Awards for 2016

Another Honor

My university just awarded me the NWU Scholar's Award for the 2015-2016 Academic Year! This means I have a little more in my travel budget to do my research and writing.  YAY!


I am so excited to announce that the Coalition for Western Women's History has chosen my book as one of the books for their header image! Other books on the header include some of the most famous books written in Western Women's History.  Mine is the blueish cover with the airplane: Between Breaths: A Teacher … Continue reading Honors