Books and more books . . .

Hello to any students that might be popping in!

Welcome to NWU and welcome to my class/es!  If you’re interested in which textbooks we’ll be utilizing this fall, see below:

History 001 (01/02):  You will be doing most of their readings from their course website (not Blackboard).  I will post the link as soon as it is ready for all of you.

History 203:  Your books are at the bookstore

IDS 001-24:  Your reading assignments will mainly be assigned in class and via our course website (not Blackboard).  I will post the link after the first day of class.

For all of my classes:  these websites will not have grade posting capabilities–which is okay, because I almost never posted grades on Blackboard.  If you want to know your grade, come see me.  Really, I want to know each of you.  Also, these websites will always be available, so you can return to it long after class with me for consultation and reminders.  This will be helpful if you have other courses that touch on similar topics and you enjoyed learning from my myriad of links.

I have entered the age of WordPress.  I look forward to your joining with me in this journey!  In the meantime, enjoy your last two weeks of freedom.

Prof. Mathews-Benham


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