Robert Himmerich y Valencia

I am so proud of my former mentor, a member of my dissertation committee, the man who always called me “Miss Sam,” and whom I called the “gentleman farmer.”  Bob Himmerich y Valencia always had time for his “future colleagues,” as he called us graduate students.  I adore you, Dr. HyV!  Congratulations! [edited from the NMHCPL’s website]:

For the first time ever, the New Mexican Hispanic Culture Preservation League is honoring . . . [an] extraordinary gentleman with the Adelantado Award [for 2009].

Robert Himmerich y Valencia, Ph.D. Robert Himmerich y Valencia, Ph.D.
Historian, Professor, Writer,

wrote Encomenderos of New Spain, 1521-1555 that was published by the University of Texas Press in 1991.  He painstakingly culled through most of the secondary and some of the available primary sources resulting in a pioneering effort to identify the first encomenderos of New Spain.  Robert examined 506 encomenderos in Mexico and examined the implications of the encomendia in colonial Mexican history and culture including ownership and distribution patterns. . . .

The book explores backgrounds, regional origins social standing and experience and is important reference tool for scholars working on the early colonial period of Mexico. . . . Robert was Editor of the New Mexico Historical Review and Associate, Director for Academic Programs at the Latin American Institute at UNM. . . .

Robert had a 23 year career in the US Marine Corps and retired as a Major and served in combat duty in Korea and Vietnam.  He served as commanding officer of communications-electronics, aviation, and infantry organizations with up to 670 officers and enlisted personnel.  As staff officer for logistics, operations, maintenance and communication-electronics, he developed and administered multi-million dollar budgets for procurement, operations, maintenance and training.

After so many years of travel, hard work and war he is a gentleman farmer at Santo Bueno Ranch in Peña Blanca, NM.


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